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January 10, 2015
Introduction Post
By: Ashley Osborne
Hi, my name is Ashley and I’m an associate software engineer at Accenture. The aim of my blog is to talk about all the technical challenges I face and how I overcome them, some (hopefully) helpful tips to career management and applying to the firm for people interested in software development and any other things I think are interesting and are related to software engineering.

As a little bit of background about me:

  • 2.1 BSc in Computer Science with a year in Industry from the University of Kent
  • Did my placement with Accenture Technology Solutions
  • Member of the UK Java Skills group- with experience in Spring, Android development and integration layer technologies
  • In my free time currently training for my first triathlon
Some professional background:

  • 1 year on placement performing Application Maintenance and Support for a large government project, also developing tooling to support development teams
  • 5 months android development for a large UK retailer
  • Current project- 6 months developing next generation server side architecture (mixture of Spring webflow, HAL, Mongo DB, Groovy)
  • Currently working on next generation integration layer (mixture of Mule ESB, Drools, Mongo, Rabbit MQ)
I aim to keep this blog as open as possible so if there are any questions about any of my posts please comment below and I’ll do a Q+A each week when I post my latest blog.

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