May 18, 2017
Hello from the other side!
By: Jonine Bains

Final year of university seems to have it all, doesn’t it? A dissertation, exams, coursework, job applications, telephone/digital interviews and assessment centres, with social and/or extracurricular activities sprinkled on top! Trying to juggle all of this and more means that final years are under increasing amounts of pressure, with the most pressure on getting that all important graduate job. But do we ever stop to think about who is on the other side of the application process? Probably not, I know I never did until I was the person on that other side…

In 2015, I did a 6-month industrial placement in Accenture’s Graduate Recruitment team. You think final years have it tough? Try being an Assessment Centre Coordinator running 2 assessment centres a day. Name badges, setting up rooms, checking into rooms, preparing and printing candidate and assessor materials, collecting the candidates on time, welcoming them, assessing a task, ensuring presenters know where to arrive, trying to stay on time when candidates ask for a toilet break outside of the scheduled toilet break, giving interviewers 5 minute warnings, being on your feet all day but making offer calls whenever there’s a free moment at your desk, dealing with candidate or presenter no shows, trying to keep iPads charged up when they are being used in back to back assessment centres 4 days in a row, arranging new joiner and “Keep Warm” events, responding to candidate queries ASAP… the list goes on!

I absolutely loved being an Assessment Centre Coordinator! But just as candidates feel nervous, stressed and try to ensure everything goes how they planned and prepared, there is an Assessment Centre Coordinator on the other side of the process trying to do the exact same thing. Who’d have thought it?

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