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November 23, 2014
First Weeks on First Project
By: Lauren Jennings
Towards the end of our second week of O&I, myself and the other analysts in my start group began to receive that much anticipated email that would tell us what and where our first project would be. 

Your first placement is scheduled by the scheduling team. The team will take into consideration your previous working experience, however for the most part, who you end up working for is dependent upon business need. An analyst cannot influence what they do for their first project (much more a case of letting fate take its course!).  After your first project however, it is the norm to lever your network to find your next role. In this way you take your career path into your own hands.

My start group were placed on a real mixed bag of projects- from Health and Public Services (H&PSP) projects in Newcastle, Resources in Reading, Communication, Media and Technology (CMT) in Newbury, to Financial Services in London and Edinburgh.  My first role is London based, working with one of Accenture’s diamond banking group clients.

Rather unusually, my first role heavily relies upon my skills and knowledge acquired from my previous recruitment experience.  I am officially a ‘Recruitment Analyst’.  It was clear from the first day that I arrived that I would be expected to pick up the recruitment project and take responsibility for its outcomes from the word ‘go!’.  I quickly learnt that as a consultant/contractor on a project, the expectation is that you can step into a role and deliver results immediately for your client; being a fast learner and having the confidence to make decisions is essential!

The team that I work on the project is a mix of Accenture, independent contractors and banking group employees. I have two managers to whom I report; one Accenture and one contractor (meaning I always need to keep two bosses happy!).  There is one other analyst on my team who is also in my start group.   This has been great as we have been able to support each other, share our experiences, challenges, frustrations and highs!

My professional and social network has only continued to grow since joining Accenture.  There are great efforts made to create a sense of team amongst the Accenture employees at this project with the occasional after work drinks, ‘meet project senior leaders’ breakfasts, lunch time brown bag sessions and Christmas party. I continue to see my start group every week- Friday nights after work are a great chance to catch up!

If you have any questions about working for Accenture or the recruitment process/applications, feel free to tweet/message me on Twitter @_LaurenEm_1

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