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December 11, 2015
Indecisive Grads and Consulting
By: Dan Burgess

I’ve said far too many times that a job in Consulting is the perfect option for an indecisive grad.

While I had my heart set on Financial Services Consulting (FS) and Sales, two interests I pursued through a number of internships at Accenture prior to joining as an Analyst, I stand by it. Getting a grad job and then plunging into a new and entirely internal job market can be daunting, but the mind boggles at the breadth and depth of opportunities that a firm like Accenture can offer. CVs, interviews and networking for any given role are still the order of the day, but all this takes place in the context of being gainfully employed, allowing you to focus on your strengths and pursue an opportunity which takes your fancy without being a bag of nerves about never having worked in that industry before or fretting about those sloppy excel skills which are yet to be polished.

The reason I’m saying this, is that at a large firm like Accenture there is always a good fit somewhere for a bright young grad. I’m not your typical FS Analyst, joining Accenture fresh off an English Literature degree supplemented by a year abroad working in the same role in the Paris offices, but I’ve found a great fit in a team that is more used to crunching numbers than diving into a Kerouac novel. I work as a Bid Manager in the FS Sales Team which really is what it says on the tin. My team focuses on selling Accenture’s core services to our banking, insurance and capital markets clients in the UK and Ireland. My role is to help shepherd, facilitate, manage (call it what you will) any given FS Sales Opportunity that I’m working on from qualification to closure. This means, in simple terms, having a good understanding of everything that needs to take place to progress a deal from competitive discussions through to contracting and actually making this happen. Of course, this doesn’t require an in-depth knowledge of the many moving parts that must be aligned to achieve this, but it demands an understanding of what’s critical and what’s not to ensure that the deal doesn’t grind to a halt. I do play a role in most of the activities required at any one point during the deal lifecycle, but, surrounded by experienced Sales and Delivery folk, the role is that of stage manager rather than actor or director.

So that’s a short introduction to why I chose Accenture, how I got here and what my role is. Next time I’ll touch on extra-curricular activities (personal and at work) and look back at the fun and games that the end of year causes for projects and sales opportunities as our clients shut down for Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

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