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August 04, 2014
Consulting as an Engineer
By: Caroline Gadsby

Using twitter more has opened up a whole new world of articles  and information, and this morning I read an interesting article on How Engineering Impacts the World.


It's not a long article, but if you haven't read it, the essence is that engineering is about problem solving - 'one problem solved at a time, mostly behind the scenes'.


Working individually and in a group to fix problems featured heavily in my engineering degree and was one of the focuses of being a 'Liverpool Engineer'. Having not studied any other degree at any other university, I imagine that the experience would be similar through many other degrees, but I can't help but be a little biased!

Looking back on it now, it's no coincidence that when I visited a consulting company for the day (that led to paid work experience), being challenged to pick up a concept and use it to analyse a company was fun and interesting. Three years of studying engineering had taught me how to learn concepts and find solutions under pressure. This repeated itself through the work experience at the same company and my Accenture interview 2 months later(which I actually really enjoyed, and remember telling the interviewer that).


The last 20 months spent in aerospace and defence consulting has been essentially fixing one 'problem' after another; in processes, communication, reporting, planning, governance… working with an Accenture team to fix a client problem, and then measure the benefit of it, is really satisfying and probably a reason why (despite the early train journey!) I look forward to Mondays.

Right, back to work: I'm editing a PowerPoint presentation, and feel that in my pre-coffee state this morning, I have overdone it on the animations...

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