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May 02, 2015
An Exception
By: Caroline Gadsby

This last week has been mid-year tell week (when your career counsellor lets you know your performance management and promotion results). As I wasn't technically eligible for promotion (although my project was supporting me as an exception) and had some holiday left, another girl from my start group and I decided to go to Athens. Even though tell day would be stressful, we would be able to spend it distracting ourselves with sunshine and sightseeing instead of work.

In retrospect this was potentially not my wisest decision; Emily was eligible for promotion and had strong feedback, so even though things are not certain, her promotion was rather likely. I had prepared to celebrate with her, in the knowledge that I was likely to get promoted next time and am working in an industry I love with great people.

After a couple of days in Athens we had just gone back to our room to pack up and head to the beach when I saw that my career counsellor was calling… to tell me that I'd been promoted! I'd been so sure that I wasn't going to be promoted, this was a massive shock. After a few phone calls (including a "big thank you" one to the manager who had driven raising me as an exception), we had a slightly anxious wait to find out Emily's result. Emily got the call as we walked to the beach and we celebrated in the sunshine with Bellinis.

This was our view on Tell Day:
Accenture An Exception Beach

Over the next couple of days the realisation sunk in, we are consultants! It's so exciting to move onto the next stage at Accenture - I'll be blogging about what's next over the coming months.

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