November 25, 2015
My First Few Weeks
By: Alex McCarter

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to be joining Accenture and now to be writing for the Grad Blog. I remember when I was doing my application back in April 2015, this blog was very helpful for getting an understanding of what life was like as a graduate at Accenture. I just joined as a Digital Management Consulting Analyst in the Strategy & Consulting Programme in October 2015.

A little bit about myself: I grew up in Toronto, Canada and came to the UK three years ago to do my Master’s at Cambridge in South Asian History. Once I graduated from my Master’s two years ago, I moved to London and worked for two years first in brand strategy and then in digital media. This is a good takeaway, in that many people do not necessary join the grad programme straight out of uni (although many do too). Something I have really enjoyed in my first few weeks has been learning about how everyone ended up at Accenture—my start group was a big one (84 of us!) and all came from an incredibly diverse set of backgrounds and experiences.

This is possible because Accenture invests in an incredible amount of training at the beginning of your consulting career. Before you start on your first project, we were given a month of training beforehand. First, two weeks in London doing more general consulting training, and then two weeks in an international location for specific training (I did management consulting school in a training centre near Chicago). This was a great way to both learn about the industry and also to make a whole new set of friends before starting on the first project.

Ah yes, the first project. So many people started on their first project the first Monday after we got back from Chicago. In my case, I ended up “on the bench” (i.e. without an assigned project) to start. This happens to everyone at some point—just a fluke it ended up happening to me at the beginning. It has been a really nice way to settle in however, I’m meeting lots of people and also doing that all important training on things like Excel and Powerpoint as well as areas I’m especially interested in—Service Design and Consumer Experience.

Hope that gives you a good intro. Till next time!


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