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August 07, 2014
Accenture Myths and Facts
By: Amy Hunt

You have to be super Techy - MYTH

Coming from somebody who doesn’t know how to put songs onto an ipod this is a complete Myth. You are applying for a consultancy grad scheme, obviously in this day and age technology knowledge is never redundant but you’re not expected to be a coding whizz either. I prefer to describe the job you’ll be doing as the grease between the business and the technology; people skills and a good work ethic will get you far.

Projects can be out of town - FACT

Yes unfortunately (or fortunately) depending on your preference this one is true. Not all projects are London based and you should be prepared for this. Out of town projects still have plenty of pros; these projects tend to have the best life@ (social committees). The majority of out of town projects are Mon-Thurs only, so you should be at home for Friday night.

The Work Life Balance is terrible - MYTH

I myself work around 8.30-6.00pm, (with a lunch break) which is more than bare-able. I can’t speak for everybody but I had a look on the Job Crowd, and this seems to be the general consensus. Other Accenture initiatives include the generous holiday allowance, charity days and discounted gym membership all which lead me to believe they do want you to have a life.

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