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January 26, 2015
A day in the life
By: Ashley Osborne

What a day looks like

This week Im going to write about what the average day looks like for a software engineer on my current project, what I actually do in a day depends largely on where we are in the software development cycle, particularly with my projects methodologies. At the moment we are in a common component architecting phase, this is where as engineers we develop a huge amount of common components that can be used by build teams to implement a solution- this speeds up development time as the build team do not have to create custom code which is actually reusable. When we begin to hand over our common components to build teams my schedule changes largely, normally this is a lot more meetings performing knowledge exchanges to relevant party’s and usually involves some international travel- when I hit this phase on this particular phase I’ll definitely blog about that as international travel is something I joined Accenture for. But for the time being:


Day starts here, usually over a coffee I’ll catch up with the other people on my team and have a look at what we did the previous day and talk about what we are going to do today

10 - 10:30

Daily stand up with the client architects- we work in an agile manner which dictates that we have daily stand ups, this is where everyone tells each other what they did yesterday and what they plan to do today and highlight any blockers they may have


In this time I will usually start coding- I usually have a rough idea of what I want a particular component to do and its now where I design it and start building proof of concepts. This usually begins with a white board session. I’ll also normally work with other team members to make sure what I am doing fits into the solution correctly and discuss the pro’s and con’s of achieving this in different ways


Lunch time with my team


Again back to development, usually around later in the day is when I’ll aim to have something fully coded and ready for a quick peer review where we will gather round each others desk and show what we’ve done, how to use it and do a quick walk through of the code. Once I’m happy my code is ready I’ll start writing unit tests to prove it works as well as allowing our automated tools to generate code coverage reports (how many lines of our code are properly unit tested)


Time for the git chekin, we use git as our source control system and sometimes there may be merge errors (every developers worse nightmare!) which can take a while to resolve. Dependant on if its needed I’ll now do some code reviews for team mates. A great thing that I find about working for Accenture is the flexibility in where I have to be. If I need to be home a bit earlier I’ll usually do this at home as we are all issued with company laptops to work on.

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