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October 16, 2014
Thirty Day Challenge (30DC)
By: Caroline Gadsby

Over the last two weeks, Accenture UKI (UK & Ireland) has been running a 30 day challenge to boost our social collaboration. The premise is simple, use gamification to build the habit of social collaboration in a workforce [There are some interesting articles online if you want to find out more about it.]


I've written before about how amazed I always am at the willingness of senior Accenture employees to share information (and time) with Analysts. The collaboration tools that are now being pushed will make this so much easier.


The power of gamification to push this is pretty incredible; we have a programme called "A3" which measures your 'collaboration quotient'; everyone working here has an A3 score which is boosted by carrying out specific activities and challenges. I was a bit skeptical when I first saw it, but being a bit of a 'joiner inner' I couldn't help myself and have found myself checking up my score several times this week! I'll be looking forward to seeing the impact of the 30DC over the coming months, both the metrics and experiencing the result.


I find social media, and its impact on 'personal brand' and knowledge sharing really exciting as well as the huge pace of change. It wasn't an area that I was particularly interested in before Accenture; since joining, the opportunities to learn more about it combined with the support provided have opened my eyes to the way that it can be used to develop people and to help with your job. That is one of the great things about working for such a big company, especially one which invests so much in it's people; the range and scale of opportunities is huge.


On a slight aside, this evening I discovered IIB Studio and their graphics are amazing - you have to check out and (if you are of the aerospace persuasion)

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