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December 30, 2014
Setting yourself apart from the crowd
By: Lauren Jennings
With over 305,000 employees worldwide and 1000 analysts in the UK ACG, finding a way to set yourself apart from the masses (and not get lost!) is no easy feat!

From the moment that my start group and I joined Accenture, it was made extremely clear the emphasis that Accenture places on getting involved in extracurricular activities.  Accenture has its very own social media network that provides a myriad of opportunities to get involved with different communities; from sector specific (Financial Services, Health and Public Services etc.), divisional research groups (for example the Future of Work) to interest groups (sports, music etc). 

As an analyst, you are also welcomed into a subcommunity group.  A subcommunity group helps you to expand your network and to learn more about Accenture, including how to set your objectives for your performance review and training and learning opportunities.

It is important to be active in an Accenture community, not only to share knowledge, to contribute to building a community within such a large organisation, and to grow your own network, but also because your involvement will be taken into account during your annual performance review.

Following a few months in the job and time spent navigating my way through the various opportunities, I have now begun to take steps to making an active contribution.  I am currently working with a small team to develop the Finance and Risk social media presence and am the Training Representative for my subcommunity group. 

Being able to make an active contribution to extracurricular groups requires time management skills and dedication, as this cannot be done whilst working for a client.  As such, I often find myself working into the evenings, as well as at weekends and during holidays!

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