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December 13, 2014
Bullet point blog: Choosing or being chosen by a project
By: Simon Coton
There is a common myth that I heard before joining Accenture, that everyone is randomly assigned to their first project where the business needs people (interns and graduates)
This is not true..
Being chosen (first project)
  • Speaking to my project manager helped me to see that this was not the case, myself and fellow intern Chloe were hand picked by the management team on the project due to our past experiences
  • Do not focus too much on getting into a given area e.g. Financial Services - this is where I wanted to be but am thankful I was put on the project I am on.
  • Any experience will be beneficial.
  • Although, you have to be wary that business demand is also a contributing factor to the project you are placed on - some roles e.g. testing roles have a greater demand in terms of numbers.
  • However this could mean a larger work social group

Choosing a project (Second project onwards)

  • Even as an intern, the second project is up to you to find
  • A list is released on the Accenture portal that allows you to see openings for different areas of the business at your employment level
  • In general, a good time to start searching is approximately one month prior to your roll off date, however it never hurts to set up early connections with functions of the business you are interested in
  • Don't underestimate the network within your team - E.g. 30 people on your project with experience ranging from1 to 20 years could easily provide approximately 300-400 secondary contacts
  • The process is usually done by conducting an informal interview with the host team manager to assess your skills for the new role
If you cannot find your own project, the scheduling team will find one on your behalf!

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