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December 13, 2014
Simon's Bullet Point Blog: Introduction post
By: Simon Coton
Hi everyone, 

Hopefully my blog will give you an insight into the life at Accenture, I would like to keep it short, sweet and interactive so any questions you have I will write answer via a new blog post.
Welcome to my bullet point blog,
A little bit about me:
  • Currently on the Future Leaders in Technology internship year (consulting programme)
  • Finished 2nd year of University studying MechEng
  • University of Bath
Why I am blogging for Accenture:
  • Before being offered a placement, I myself read these blog posts
  • Nice to reflect on my own experiences
  • To help others understand the vast roles available when working for Accenture
Current Project:
  • International products company
  • Management consulting project
  • Revenue planning and volume optimisation work stream
  • Lots of client interaction
  • Out of town
  • Roll off in 6 months (Feb-March time) onto my next project


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