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December 08, 2014
Brown Bags
By: Caroline Gadsby
Some Accenture accounts run Brown Bag sessions; if you haven't heard of the concept before, it essentially comes from the fact that it is usually held at lunchtimes and refers to the "brown bag" that we clearly all have our lunch in… We did do an actual brown bag session when Gary, a manager presenting on client data protection, bought us all muffins. Yum.

These sessions are a great way to learn about other aspects of the project and working at Accenture although technically they can be about anything. They're also a great way, especially as an analyst, to increase your visibility by presenting to other members of the project team.

I have been lucky enough to have 1.5 slots so far, the first one presenting with Kate, the other PMO analyst, on how to use the project SharePoint site. My second session was on social media (mostly LinkedIn) presence; as I've said in the past, I love being able to teach more senior team members a skill; it's a nice change from normal!

Today the senior managers ran a session called "The unofficial guide to laddering" in honour of our relatively junior team; it covered the process in detail, what happens in the performance management sessions, and their advice around it. It was a really useful session and a good opportunity for us to have 30 minutes where we could ask anything.

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