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December 20, 2014
Bullet point blog: Charity Days
By: Simon Coton
Accenture is well renowned for its large contribution to charities by allowing employees 3 days per year to commit towards charity causes. They support various causes including Prince's  Trust Charity.
Within three months of being at Accenture I have used two charity days for various activities:
First event:
  • Who: My project team, from Interns to MD's
  • Charity: Helping out a local wildlife park
  • Where: Leicester (an hour from project site)
  • When: October
  • What:  As part of our client account kick-off event (social event for all projects on the client account - a story for another post) we spent a day helping out a local nature reserve, it required lots of manual labour and entailed chopping down trees, de-rooting various plants and shifting leaves/mud to make the park a more pleasant place for visitors.
The results from the day were fantastic, and we followed the day up by having a well deserved pub lunch with the team and a trip to the Milton Keynes snowdome in the evening by myself and a colleague.

Charity Day

Second Event:
  • Who: Team of 11 interns (Consulting and Solutions)
  • Charity: Prince's Trust Charity
  • Where: London
  • When: December
  • What: As part of the intern start group we  were challenged to make as much money as we could for PTC in a month. We were left alone to organise this ourselves by setting up fundraisers such as cake selling and a main event such as sponsored hitchhiking to Europe. Some great fundraisers were run including sending a candy cane to a friend in FCS (home office) and a raffle with prizes such as flying lessons and famously signed photographs. In all, our team managed to raise £404. And the winning team managed to amount to an outstanding £900+ total bringing the entire intern contribution to PTC to above £3000. A remarkable amount.
This was lots of fun but also hard work at times, this was the first mix with the solutions work interns since starting in September.

Charity Day

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