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January 18, 2015
Bullet point blog: Acing the Assessment Centre
By: Simon Coton
So you may have ventured on to this blog as you want some recruitment tips. Without giving too much away I have summarised what I think are the key skills to ace the assessment centre. Note that this should not be taken as representative of Accenture Assessment Criteria.
Task List: more information of the latest process can be found on the Accenture UK careers website.
  • Group task with no assigned leaders  - similar to other assessment centres, you will be given a case study to work on with the other members of your team.
  • Individual task - linked directly to what you have just learnt about in your group task.
  • Individual interview - a chance for you to express why Accenture is for you and how it differs from other firms.
  • Total time -  9am - 12pm
  • Experience:
    • Quick to receive feedback
    • Gave some feedback on individual tasks
    • Felt less pressured as you are not competing for spaces, if you meet the criteria you will get an offer
    • Short amount of time for each exercise gave it a high intensity
My top ten tips for the AC:
  • Time keeping - essential to have a final outcome from the group project. Don't be afraid to be the time keeper, this is an easy way to stay involved and communicate with all members of the team.
  • Ability to work with others - this is essential in a consulting role, you will constantly be getting feedback and working with your team.
  • Communication - have your say but allow others to introduce ideas.
  • Summarisation - the ability to transfer a large amount of information and draw key points from it will stop you drowning in all the information you are given.
  • Commitment - sticking with your groups decisions and reasoning behind them will highlight key skills found in good analysts.
  • Relatability - I think one of the best traits to bring to any assessment centre is the ability to relate your past experiences that you have enjoyed and learnt from to the case studies you have read.
  • Case study preparation - it will make you stand out if you are able to relate to case studies throughout the AC, dropping these in as arguments for your decisions in your group exercise will highlight the area where most fail - knowing about the company.
  • Positivity - at the end of the day, the role being applied for will involve working in a team, there is nothing harder to work with than a negative attitude so make sure that you portray yourself as happy and willing to challenge yourself for the better.
  • Real thinking - don't forget to use common sense, a pressured environment can sometimes change your decision making process but do not forget the essentials  e.g. as analysts we NEVER want to go over budget, we leave time for mitigation and we assess the risks that could cause delays and use them to argue our points. 
  • Prioritisation - allows you to stick with your answers and drives a good decision making process for why you chose those answers.

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