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August 04, 2014
#3 What is the work/life balance really like?
By: Gabbie King

Thinking back to when I was applying for graduate jobs, this was a question always floating around at the back of my mind.

The problem with this question is you are likely to get very different answers depending on who you ask. For me, I would say the work/life balance has been pretty good since I joined but I know this isn’t always the case. It is very dependent on the client you work with and what stage of the project you are in – towards the end as go-live approaches, there tends to be a larger strain on time and resources – resulting in a few late nights (and even weekend work).

However, this shouldn’t put you off and I doubt you will find many consultancy firms where the odd late night isn’t the norm. All good managers should allow you to manage your own time – and this means balancing late nights when the project demands it, with the opportunity to leave early or work from home when your role is in a less demanding phase.

The other side of work/life balance that Accenture provides in abundance is the opportunity to socialise and enjoy exciting things outside of your client work. For me the highlights have been a couple of dinners at Michelin starred restaurants, a trip to the zoo and chance to try dragon boat racing! On top of this I am heavily involved with my account’s Life@ events team and thoroughly enjoy organising events for 120 plus team members. Last week we held our Summer Account Update – which involved team activities, awards, a live band, an interactive cocktail bar and 3 food trucks. (I've included a picture of me below with my fellow events team members at the Account Update).

So my answer is on the whole the work/life balance is pretty good. Having said that – it’s very much what you make of it. You have to be prepared for the odd late night but in return manage your time well so you can leave early from time to time and also make good use of your 30 days holiday!

Summer Event Team

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