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Smart grid success factors edition 7

Accenture Smart Solutions Sustainability


Shifting imperatives in sustainability
Today’s CEOs are convinced that good performance on sustainability amounts to good business overall: the imperative to act has shifted from a moral to a business case. Of all industries, this feeling is strongest amongst utilities. The rise of smart grid technologies is creating an important role for utilities in aiding the transition towards sustainable growth. Sixty eight percent of utility CEOs surveyed as part of a recent Accenture-United Nations Global Compact survey believe that sustainability will be ‘very important’ to their success and are determined to rise to the challenges of managing competing strategic priorities and the complexities of integration to shape a landscape conducive to more sustainable business.

A new era of sustainability in the utilities industry

Accenture’s study with United Nations Global Compact A New Era of Sustainability provides a unique insight into the views of CEOs and global leaders on what it will take to reach a new era of sustainability. With 1,000 CEOs, business leaders, members of civil society and academic experts surveyed, this is the largest study of its kind ever conducted on the topic of sustainability. The study included a wide sampling of major utilities and energy companies around the world—25 leading executives from 18 countries—including companies such as Enel, Eskom, Iberdrola, National Grid and RWE.

Sharing this survey with you is part of Accenture's ongoing efforts to help organizations to get the most out of their smart grid investments. Drawing on our industry insight, as well as our process and technology know-how, Accenture helps utilities structure, deploy and run their smart grid initiatives according to their unique business conditions and regulatory environments. Whatever the approach adopted, to reach their full potential, smart grid projects need to consider a number of strategic, technology and service-related factors that we have identified as critical. These critical smart grid success factors encompass a broad range of considerations from pilots... to security... to network communications... to data management approaches encompassing innovative analytics and visualization.

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