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Gaurav is the global management consulting and digital innovation lead for the employment and social services industry. In this role, he works with agencies to reimagine their business and operating model to be better prepared for a digital world. Incorporating design-thinking and agile delivery approaches, he helps clients embrace new technologies like cloud, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and automation and provides strategic leadership to complex transformation projects.

With over 15 years of experience in the consulting industry, his expertise includes; policy effectiveness, digital government, strategy and operating model design, service and customer innovation and process excellence. He has helped public agencies achieve high performance in service outcomes and drive significant cost-effectiveness in their operations.

Over the years, he has worked with clients in more than 10 countries and led several transformation projects. Highlights include: supporting the Sardinian Labour Agency on a workforce transformation programme, advising the German Federal Employment Agency on service design and inclusion of at-risk groups in the labour market, leading a global change program for Oxfam, a strategic review of the Value for Money framework at the National Audit Office in the UK, shaping the UK's digital government strategy and roadmap and designing new models of health delivery in Spain.

Gaurav holds a dual-Masters in Public Administration from Columbia University (NY, USA) and the London School of Economics (LSE, UK), and an MBA - International Business from the Nottingham Business School. He served as the director of Accenture's "Delivering Public Service for the Future" initiative from 2011-2016 and led the partnership with the European Centre for Government Transformation, a think-tank founded by Accenture, the Lisbon Council and the College of Europe.

Gaurav has authored numerous publications and presented at leading international conferences, including the World Social Security Forum 2016 in Panama, European Centre for Government Transformation events from 2012-2016, and at Harvard University. He has also guest lectured at the LSE and the College of Europe on public service transformation.

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