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Gabriel Bellenger is the global consulting lead for the Revenue Industry and the management consulting lead for Europe. In his role, he supports government agencies’ transformation and provides sustainable change to government clients globally. Gabriel is responsible for helping business leaders to exploit the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, robotics process automation, machine learning, micro-segmentation and big data, and manage their impact on service design, the liquid workforce, agile delivery and digital operating models.

Gabriel brings more than 20 years of industry experience in advising senior political stakeholders around the world, such as the UK Cabinet Office and other equivalent member states, the EU commission, the World Bank, OECD and the Asian Development Bank. Undertaking more than 400 consulting assignments, Gabriel has significant experience in delivering large-scale programs in public sector organizations. In particular, Gabriel has helped revenue collection agencies to save billions of dollars and more efficiently collect additional revenues.

Gabriel acted as the Accenture program director in the design and delivery of the European Centre for Government Transformation in 2009/2010. He has also developed numerous innovations, including patents for process automation, and is a regular conference speaker. As the president of the International Committee at the London Mayfair Rotary club, Gabriel is working with fellow Rotarians to eradicate Polio through education and international programs.

Gabriel holds an Executive Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Business Administration from Paris Dauphine University in Paris and Shanghai, a Master of Business Administration from Bristol Business School in the United Kingdom and a master’s degree in Mathematical Decision Modelling from Grande Ecole d’ingénieur EISTI, France. He is currently based in the United Kingdom.

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