How COVID-19 has changed consumer behaviour for good

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the world as we know it. People are living differently, buying differently and in many ways, thinking differently. Supply chains have been disrupted. Retailers closed their doors. Consumers across the globe are looking at products and brands through a new lens. More than ever, businesses must be able to react to sudden and dramatic changes in their supply chains, in their customer interactions, in continuously changing demand patterns, and in how and where their employees work. The industry is reshaping in real time, rapidly accelerating long-term underlying trends in the space of weeks. Our research indicates that new habits formed now will endure beyond this crisis, permanently changing what we value, how and where we shop, and how we live and work.

COVID-19 has accelerated consumer trends, permanently changing what we value, how and where we shop, and how we live and work.

1. Digital commerce

160% expected increase in ecommerce purchases from new or low frequency users.

2. Shopping local

46% of consumers will continue to shop more locally once the outbreak is over.

3. Staying in is the new going out

79% of households with kids are feeling more connected as a family.

4. Health+

79% of consumers think the pandemic will increase the focus on health.

5. Conscious consumption

62% of consumers say the pandemic will increase their focus on the environment.

6. Consumer creators

62% of consumers are trying new recipes or cooking methods such as homebrewing.

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Building the CX foundation to navigate uncertainty

Businesses need to reassure customers and employees, stabilise operations and reconfigure their operating model and capabilities to respond to this changing landscape, adapting systems and establishing new partnerships and ecosystems to retain new and existing customers. Many are realizing that their digital channels and platforms are not equipped for this huge surge in demand. Although the situation is evolving very differently across geographies and industries, one common theme recurs: the need to sense in real-time, adapt and shape offerings for the new reality. Digital commerce acceleration will force businesses to revisit and even reimagine their digital strategy in order to capture new marketplace opportunities and a share of new digital customer segments.

Intelligent experience management

In order to serve the customer, companies need to evolve to delivering journeys without boundaries. The opportunity for companies is to give your customers the freedom to choose you, every time they have a choice. More than ever now, technology serves as the key to unlocking that freedom. New ways of connecting, working, buying, experiencing.

Our intelligent experience management framework addresses all dimensions of the CX lifecycle to implement an integrated CX platform and unlock new capabilities.

1. Customer insight

Understand my needs

  • Listen to the customer—understand their needs and expectations
  • Insight-to-Action—personalisation
  • Advanced analytics capabilities

2. Customer experience

Design my experience

  • Adapt and learn through customer insight
  • Dynamic personalisation and continuous learning (AI/ML/chatbots etc)

3. Customer trust

Engage on my terms

  • Consent & Identity Management
  • Control over my preferences
  • Control over the information shared

4. Customer value

Co-create value

  • Deliver uniquely tailored offerings
  • Rapid prototyping to test and learn
  • Innovative capabilities—including AR/VR for rich experiences

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As we emerge from the COVID-19 situation, there is a need to both accelerate digital capabilities as well as refocus on the customer and address the customer experience using intelligent, agile and cloud capabilities. Fixing the foundation and accelerating digital and analytics capabilities is critical to compete, survive and thrive in these uncertain times. Our CX roadmap unlocks your customer engagement and experience potential.

Accenture’s approach defines a clear vision and CX roadmap that evolves to Intelligent Experience Management.
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