Social Entrepreneur Academy

A learning academy to equip underprivileged people with entrepreneurial skills in social business.


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The Social Entrepreneur Academy is a learning program including a learning platform to equip bottom-of-pyramid population in social business with entrepreneurial skills. The aim of the Academy is to favor the development of social businesses in developing countries with the best possible social and economic impact. The Academy targets social businesses/NGOs which are willing to leverage training and competencies development among their organization and network of micro-entrepreneurs.

The Social Entrepreneur Academy is rooted in a culture of collaboration, co-ownership and open sharing of resources gathering a social entrepreneur community, both contributors and users of the learning platforms. The members of the Academy so far are 1001 Fontaines, the Accenture Foundation, Cegos, danone.communities, Naandi and Soieries du Mékong. All members signed a common Charter to agree on various principles: strong mutual commitment, sharing, transparency, and participative governance.

In the Social Entrepreneur Academy, the stakeholders find courses, training materials and learning tools to improve entrepreneurial skills.

An innovative learning approach:

  • Customized to each target: Entrepreneur, Coach and Manager

  • A range of learning tools easily adaptable to NGO needs (videos, games, role plays…)

  • A combination of workshops and on-site coaching to promote the sharing of experience and practical training

  • A dedicated support to help with the adaptation of specific modules and deployment of the first training sessions (‘solidarity leaves’)

  • A personalized learning platform to store the modules (open source technology)

A solution to social business challenges:

  • Promote sustainability & scalability
  • Develop entrepreneurship

A first pilot for the NGO 1001 Fontaines

  • 1001 Fontaine's mission: set up community service businesses by training and helping social entrepreneurs to create their own micro-companies which produce and sell drinking water to villagers

  • 105 social entrepreneurs trained in Cambodia since the beginning of the project in June 2012. For more information, visit

A deployment towards Naandi Community Water Services and Soieries du Mékong in 2014

  • Based on a successful implementation at 1001 Fontaines, the Social Entrepreneur Academy has been deployed towards two new organizations in 2014.

  • Naandi Community Water Services’ mission: provide access to safe drinking water in India through professional services and at a low price. For more information, visit

  • Soieries du Mékong’s mission: create and distribute hand-woven silk scarves while having a positive impact on local development in Cambodia. For more information, visit

  • Our ambition is to keep replicating the model with other social businesses/NGOs and to enrich and expand the training content with the contributions of all members.


The Social Entrepreneur Academy opens its program to new social projects as from October 2014.

So, if you are a social business/NGO working with underprivileged people in developing countries, if you are willing to leverage training and competencies development among your organization and you want to join the Academy; please download the application file below and follow the instructions.

Application file



I'm convinced that the Social Entrepreneur Academy meets the needs of many NGOs to face the challenge of sustaining their social business. The Social Entrepreneur academy is an adaptable tool that will help creating sustainable jobs. This project is fully integrated into our corporate citizenship strategy: it goes beyond philanthropy and allows the convergence of economic interests and social values.

Christian Nibourel
Managing Director for Accenture in France

Among our global strategy Skills to Succeed, the Social Entrepreneur Academy program has been designed to accelerate the growing competences of the NGOs staff and to maximize the skills of their entrepreneurs. Our ambition is to replicate the model with more NGOs. The Social Entrepreneur Academy is an illustration of our willingness to develop innovative solutions based on Accenture core skills to achieve economic empowerment of underprivileged people.

Bernard le Masson
Managing Director for Accenture and chairman of the Accenture Foundation in France

After 6 years of experience, I believe that the entrepreneur is the key to success for our project in his or her community. The challenge is the low level of training in the villages, as well as their mentality of looking at life from day to day. People in the villages find it difficult to plan in advance and to believe in their capacity for developing the market. The Academy not only facilitates access to varied skills, but also helps to develop the ability to initiate and to believe in this capability. By developing the entrepreneurial skills and mentality, the Academy enables our project to impact the lives of villagers positively.

Lo Chay
Co-founder of the NGO 1001 Fontaines

I benefited from the Academy with the first workshop in Battambang (North Cambodia). As a new entrepreneur, I was very impatient to meet the other entrepreneurs. But I was also worried about not being able to answer the questions and to understand. I had never studied before. To my surprise it was a really good experience. There are a lot of things to learn to manage a station. Thanks to the training, I now believe that I can do it.

Ky Phearom
Social entrepreneur for the NGO 1001 Fontaines since 2012

In 2005, I volunteered for the position of entrepreneur. At that time I didn’t have a job and needed to reimburse debts. But to be honest, I really didn't think it was possible to sell drinking water to villagers, and, in any case certainly not enough to make a living. Especially I didn’t see the interest of drinking safe water. Then Chay Lo and other people of the NGO came to see me several times, to talk to me and motivate me. They helped me understand the importance of drinking safe water, and I really started to believe in the possibility of supporting my family thanks to this job. Now I hope that the Academy will help all the social entrepreneurs understand this faster and help them develop their entrepreneurial skills.

On Bun Chien
Social entrepreneur for the NGO 1001 Fontaines since 2005