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Transavia: e-Commerce platform takes off with Accenture

A 25 percent increase in traffic on online channels contributing to a 20 percent increase in year-on-year sales.


In its quest to become the best digital airline in Europe, the company wanted to modernize its digital e-commerce channels and offer customers robust mobile features. It chose to collaborate with Accenture and Mirabeau, an online platform developer, to get the job done in an aggressive time frame.

The new technologies implemented are now making customers’ journeys seamless. In addition to a 200 percent increase in online check-ins, Transavia experienced a 25 percent increase in traffic on online channels contributing to a 20 percent increase in year-on-year sales. Becoming more digital is helping Transavia stay in the lead in a highly competitive and fast-changing, low-cost airline European market.


"Accenture has successfully accelerated our digital transformation in a highly competitive market space."

Commercial Officer, Transavia


Accenture, in collaboration with Mirabeau, an online platform developer, designed, built and delivered a future-ready architecture for the new digital platform. The platform was designed to enable a number of new capabilities for Transavia, such as the ability to implement changes just-in-time as new customer service improvements are identified and the ability to rapidly expand services in very short time to market. Additionally, the platform was developed to enable mobile capabilities, including offering airline customers complete mobile access to booking and check-in services. By designing and implementing an agile workflow, the project team was able to develop new functionality in two-week sprints and realize the delivery of 22 milestones in 18 months, deploying the platform on schedule.

"Accenture helped us to design, build and deliver a robust and future proof architecture for our digital platform."

Chief Commercial Officer Transavia



Transavia’s new platform is significantly enhancing the company’s digital and mobile capabilities and business agility with millions of customers who seek a fast and easy airline booking and travel experience. In first few months after launch of the new platform, visitor traffic on Transavia’s digital channels increased by 25 percent, which generated a 20 percent increase in year-on year sales. Online check-ins increased 200 percent and the company set an all-time record in ancillary sales. The speed with which features can be implemented has significantly improved, making it possible to launch new business models in a matter of two to three months.


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For more information on this collaboration between Transavia and Accenture, contact Geert Batterink or connect with him on LinkedIn.