Getting trust right

Whenever people sign up for a platform, it requires sharing personal data, which is an act of trust. The more we rely on platforms in our daily lives, the greater the importance for platforms to get trust right.

Getting trust right is about the increasingly complex business problem created when people engage with platforms in their daily lives. Each interaction is an opportunity for platforms to validate and reward the trust that is being placed in them—or to damage it. With our Platform Trust solutions, Accenture empowers our clients to create, maintain and grow trusted platforms for users, partners, regulators, governments and society.

How we can help 

Accenture provides a range of services to help our clients deploy security, privacy, compliance, data protection and fraud mitigation strategies on their platforms.


User trust: Accelerating moments that matter

We identify where and how to differentiate your business to help ensure the integrity of your platform and your brand.

Solutions we provide:

  • "Design for trust”
  • Empowering a trusted brand
  • Trust score development

Platform trust: Securing user and platform data

We identify ways to protect user data and privacy from a growing and increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape.

Solutions we provide:

  • Scalable threat response
  • Identity & access automation; Zoran AI
  • Fraud hunting

Ecosystem trust: Optimizing for a partner-based world

We can detect and respond to threats facing your organization and those serving as a vector to others.

Solutions we provide:

  • Content security services / Policy engine
  • Build a culture of compliance
  • Compliance as a service / DEVSECOP for policy
  • Content security / identity solutions

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Trust is precious. In fact, it’s the foundation of the entire digital economy. And wherever customers interact with their platforms, companies have the opportunity to validate or reward trust—or to violate and destroy it.

Where every customer’s concerned, platform companies must view trust as a personalized, one-on-one relationship. Getting it right brings real economic benefit and growth through network effects. But failing to meet expectations risks valuable customers switching to rival platforms and taking their data with them.

Click the players on the right to listen to lively discussions around implications for safety, security, privacy, compliance and more.

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