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Producer services for agribusiness

To efficiently and sustainably move products, agribusinesses must work better with growers to understand how growers produce, and how they sell what they produce. 


Accenture helps agribusinesses to successfully navigate the new dynamics of grower relationships. We understand how technology impacts grower results and we help agribusinesses to apply that knowledge to negotiate volume, fair prices, good service, quality products and timely delivery. Analytics is an important enabler. For example, precision agriculture services allow growers to monitor soil conditions and adjust inputs at each part of a farm operation to drive more efficient use of resources.

Production analytics can reveal the yield of various inputs, so farmers understand if they are using the right products in the right quantities. Accenture has the tools to help agribusinesses determine future growing locations, too. We enable growers with the right technology, like mobility, learning solutions and collaboration solutions, that will lead to a better cost to serve and ultimately, to better margins and outcomes.

Why Accenture

Accenture provides producer services that empower your producers to grow with you. We help agribusinesses effectively manage producer relationships to increase information-sharing, negotiate fair prices and drive loyalty. Backed by advanced analytics, our precision agriculture services allow producers to monitor weather and soil conditions and adjust inputs at each part of a farm operation to use resources more efficiently. Through our technology solutions such as mobility, cloud collaboration tools, security and e-learning, we enable you to provide services that help you strengthen producer relationships (from large commercial to smallholder farmers) and improve margins and outcomes.