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Security Difference-Makers

Hope is not a strategy. Let our experienced strategists prepare you to manage the known … and the unknown.

What we do


Despite all the investments companies are making in security, the cost of attacks is staggering and on a sharp rise. To keep pace with sophisticated attackers, a Band-Aid approach is not enough. With decades of strategy experience, we provide an unmatched global security perspective and a deep understanding of the industry-specific challenges you face. Our Strategy & Risk Services include:

Security advisory services for boards & executives
We improve your board of directors’ and C-level executives’ understanding of the role of cybersecurity by providing actionable guidance that’s designed to future-proof your business. Our proven approaches to diagnosis and our roadmaps help stakeholders gain confidence in your plans to reduce risks and enhance digital trust.

Cybersecurity strategy & operating model development
Our business-centric, enterprise-wide security strategies and operating models help you define a security program that covers governance, processes, technologies, metrics, culture change and crisis management.

Security for M&A
Our teams bring decades of experience in due diligence and can help you understand the security risks associated with potential mergers and acquisitions. Once a deal is closed, we also help integrate the cybersecurity capabilities of the organizations.

Governance risk & compliance
We assess your current security posture while aligning approaches with your specific regulatory requirements. With a robust framework, you’ll improve your executives’ decision making, as well as your ability to achieve compliance and prepare for market volatility.

Business continuity & cyber resilience
As you ready your business for a significant disruption, you’ll need cyber and traditional continuity and recovery strategies that involve personnel across all levels of your business. With integrated response plans, we help you align your business continuity programs with your organizational structure to build business resilience. 

With the invention of the ship came the shipwreck

Emerging technologies bring innovations along with an expanded attack surface. Find out how we make sure your cloud, mobile and IoT endpoints are not the weak links in your security strategy.

The best defense is a good offense.

To out-innovate attackers, you need a dynamic security strategy that includes an intelligent infrastructure; one that is proactive, predictive and helps you keep threats at bay.

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Kevin Richards
Managing Director – Accenture Security
Strategy & Risk

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