Digital Turnaround

Disruptive technologies driving safety and productivity improvements in turnarounds, shutdowns and outages


The planned shutdown of a chemical plant, refinery or power generation facility represents a significant opportunity to complete mandatory inspections, maintenance, improvement and expansion tasks that cannot be carried out when online. However, they also pose unique challenges because of their heightened safety risks and relative infrequency.

Accenture is helping companies address these challenges through Digital Turnaround, an end-to-end solution that harnesses the power of digital technologies to improve safety and operational performance in plant turnarounds (TARs), shutdowns and outages. Our singular solution uniquely combines digital technologies including industrial pervasive wireless, location triangulation, cloud, analytics and mobile applications with patent-pending visualization to help execute these multi-million dollar events.

Using the Digital Turnaround solution, companies are able to capture and integrate data in near real-time in order to identify and resolve impending or existing inefficiencies. This innovative solution offers enormous benefits to companies in asset intensive industries, allowing them to execute TARs up to 25 percent below labor execution budget.

Digital Worker: Digital Turnaround Service.



Companies face numerous challenges to effectively executing plant turnarounds, including:

  • Heightened safety risks due to an increased number of workers on-site completing unfamiliar tasks
  • Loss of revenue and increased pressure to bring plant back online
  • Schedule and budget overruns: Sixty percent are over by 10 percent; 40 percent are over more than 30 percent
  • Contractor time-on-tools averaging less than 50 percent
  • Contractor billing inaccuracies
  • Misalignment of data across systems, making timely decisions difficult


By leveraging existing technologies in the Digital Turnaround solution, companies can achieve significant benefits when executing turnarounds, shutdowns and outages:

Enhanced Safety
Increased Productivity (5-15%)
Potential Shorter Outage Cycles
Optimized Billing Accuracy (3-5%)


Accenture’s Digital Turnaround solution applies existing technologies and methodologies to improve plant outages.

Industrial Pervasive Wireless

Industrial Pervasive Wireless:

The installation of a local, secure pervasive wireless mesh network in plant environments helps clients overcome connectivity issues that hinder the real-time collection, storage and analysis of data.

Digital Worker

Digital Worker:

RFID tags for tracking people, equipment and vehicles combine with contractor management dashboards and mobile applications to improve productivity management, worker tracking and safety.



Integrating digital solutions with existing execution, safety and security systems in the cloud improves the data capture process and its underlying structure, enabling more advanced analytics and simplified workflows.

Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics:

Operational data is captured and displayed in or near the TAR command center, allowing management to interpret data and trends to support real-time continuous improvements.



Mobile applications on hardened or intrinsically safe devices streamline data capture and improve worker/manager communications.