Change management: Service overview

Helping clients plan and execute programs of change by developing comprehensive and effective change strategies.


Accenture offers capabilities, proven tools and methods to help our clients plan and execute programs of change, whether the program complements an organization transformation or focuses on more transactional change programs.

With our distinctive set of services and deeply skilled change professionals, we focus on change strategy and enabling change—resulting in the adoption of new behaviors and mindsets by individuals and teams. Accenture helped to define the scope of change management in its earliest days and our research initiatives, commitment to innovation and broad industry experience keep us at the forefront of the discipline and practice of change management.

Accenture can enable your company to manage change with precision and predictability to help realize measurable, positive business outcomes.

Why Accenture

Accenture is a global leader in providing innovative solutions that help companies deal with the implications and impacts of change on their people and organization, and on their growth and business strategies.

We maintain a relentless focus on outcomes beyond cost reduction, with a proven track record of results—including:

  • Faster merger integration

  • More effective culture change

  • Higher levels of workforce engagement

  • Improved employee retention and productivity

  • Better adaptability to new systems and processes

Our results are enabled by our global infrastructure and extensive experience:

  • Analytics-based systems and approaches. We are deeply skilled in the use of analytics to provide insights into change programs. Accenture Change Tracking—an advanced, analytics-based system—offers predictive capabilities, helping executives set a more successful course for change, monitor progress and take corrective action as needed.

  • Deep industry expertise. Our services and solutions are tailored to the unique environments of particular industries. We serve more than 24 industry segments, and our professionals—aligned with specific industries—have a deep understanding of our clients’ challenges and opportunities.

  • Global reach and scale. Accenture’s world-class delivery capabilities bring together our global reach, innovative solutions, industrialized assets and deep industry and technology skills. The Accenture Global Delivery Network is the largest and most diversified group of technology, business process and outsourcing professionals in the world.

  • Commitment to research and innovation. We help define new generations of solutions based on scientific analysis and research, and on our broad experience with clients around the world. We also team with universities and research organizations to generate insights into issues our clients are facing today, as well as those on the horizon.

Specific Services

Accenture has extensive knowledge of and experience in the process of planning and executing specific, transactional programs of change with speed and agility. Change Management focuses on the discipline of developing the comprehensive and effective change strategies to address a client’s specific needs, whether the change program complements an organization transformation or focuses on more transactional change programs. Our focus on behavior change in this area can unlock the means by which leaders in the affected workforces encourage behavior change, increasing the likelihood of success.

Within the Accenture Change Management solution are the following distinctive services​:

  • Change strategy: Defining the desired future state of the organization or function based on the change program; and designing the change program itself, including specific initiatives in areas such as definition of essential behaviors, communications strategy, learning strategy and the approach to leveraging analytics and measurement tools and methodologies.

  • Behavior Change: Defining the desired behaviors from leadership, individuals and the organization as a whole; and putting in place a behavior measurement and tracking capability.

  • Change Enablement: Stakeholder analysis; change impact assessment; change measurement and analytics; communications and stakeholder engagement; training and performance support; and alignment of organization, culture and behaviors.

  • Change Tracking: Using analytics to guide successful change programs. Accenture Change Tracking is a patented, analytics-based system—based on years of research and experience with organization change programs—that offers predictive capabilities. This system helps executives set a more successful course for change, monitor progress and take corrective action as needed.


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