Core Payments

Providing experience managing, delivering and testing complex payment renewal programs for banks


Banks that reinvent their payment systems can achieve high performance by enabling more competitive and customer-centric operations. Simplification and industrialization are critical considerations.

By replacing legacy payment systems and operations, financial institutions can create the flexibility and efficiency required to adapt to changes in the market. Payment renewal requires up-front strategy, operating model design and architecture, as well as execution abilities.

For financial institutions seeking to renew their payment systems, Accenture believes that five areas are of most importance:

  1. Payment strategy and operating models

  2. Payment architecture

  3. Core payment re-platforming and transformation

  4. Payment testing

  5. Payment application outsourcing

Financial institutions that seek to renew their payment systems can benefit from working with an experienced partner who can mitigate execution risks, and deliver business benefits on time and within budget.



When it comes to payments, there is no room for downtime. Accenture Payments has extensive experience managing, delivering and testing complex payment programs—including repeatability and testing with external infrastructure, which are important factors for industrialized systems.

Accenture helps our clients identify, develop and implement payment architecture that can support products, payments, operations and core banking systems, including multiple geographies and channels. As a vendor-independent, trusted advisor in payment product selection, we have broad experience with most leading payment solutions, such as Clear2Pay, D+H and SAP, as well as middleware and custom solutions based on Java, Microsoft and IBM technologies.


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