In brief

In brief

  • Covid-19 has accelerated online shopping. By surveying 1600 Nordic customers, we have identified the impact on how we shop and our new habits.
  • We assessed 15 grocery brands across 45 touchpoints for web, mobile, and app and concluded on the Nordic brands' key differentiators.
  • Customers are willing to make significant changes to the way they shop, the money they spend, and the way they eat to become more sustainable.
  • Post covid-19, customers will return to physical stores but preferences are increasingly omni-channel. Convenience is key and the app is king.

Covid-19 is transforming Nordic grocery shopping

Covid-19's immediate impact on Nordic grocery was dramatic. Fear of contagion drove many consumers away from the physical stores and towards online shopping options, some of which struggled to cope.

At the same time the pandemic is changing the way we shop and what we buy, painting a new picture of customers' desires and shopping journeys.

While Consumers are increasing their digital engagement, they also want the flexibility to engage in ways that suits them. A majority of consumers now expect a seamless and complimentary omnichannel shopping experience that acknowledge their individuality and supports their willingness to shop smarter and more sustainable.

Future of Nordic grocery retail

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of Nordic grocery shoppers would spend >5% more for sustainable options and would welcome initiatives that reduce plastic packaging and food waste, or offer a wider range of local or organic products.


of consumers are either bored or confused by current loyalty schemes. Younger shoppers seek programs that offer flexible, tailored experiences that would help them achieve their personal goals.

The future is omnichannel

The Nordic grocery retail is an industry in flux and the future is omnichannel. New ways of shopping are challenging long-held assumptions about the value propositions that can secure competitive advantage. Shifting customer desires are compounding the struggle for differentiation. Success hinges increasingly on creativity—yet finding the right creative mix is proving elusive.

Price still matters to consumers, but sustainability, transparency and purpose are just as important - perhaps more so. Online shopping is booming, but people still want to shop in-store. Their preferences are increasingly omni-channel.

National, regional and above all demographic differences complicate the picture. The young in particular seek more than a transactional relationship and demand meaningful experiences when they shop.

Digital customer experience review

Each of the 45 touchpoints for Web, Mobile and App across the 15 Nordic grocery brands was assessed against 5 key components of customer experience: Shopping, Sign up, Logged In Checkout and Delivery. The results were evaluated against a usability scale to provide a final score.

Scores were then consolidated and weighted across touch points and countries to provide an individual country score, and subsequently an overall Nordic position.

In conclusion, Nordic retailers will increase their competitiveness by:

Make it easy to be a sustainable customer!

Customers are willing to invest in sustainable produce. It is essential that Nordic grocery retailers invest in making it easy to be a sustainable consumer

Don't forget the single households!

The Nordic has more than 40% single households. Retailers that can deliver cost-efficient services to smaller households can expect an improved marked position

Re-define what convenience means!

Customer shopping varies as much online as they do in stores. The digital experience needs to cater for those needs with a wide product offering and delivery services

Focus on data driven customer insights to build value and increase loyalty

Inspire customers, help them set and achieve personal goals, offer services that they value to build an emotional connection

Remember your App

Investments in in-store technology that enables customers to use the app to navigate stores, find products and pay in a seamless way and eliminate steps like queuing and check-outs

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Grocery retailers who can innovate to meet these new customer needs, to offer personalized and tailored experiences, will establish competitive advantage now and in the future. Read the full report here to learn more.

Carolina Andersson

Digital transformation manager

Josefin Meyer

Product designer

Kaia Hillier

Program director


Celia Romaniuk

Managing Director – Design Experiences

Mikael Ekman

Nordic Retail and E-commerce Lead

Snjezana Maric

Senior Strategy Manager – Customer & Growth

Michael Christiansen

Managing Director


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