Tuning in to navigate the S-Curve

Put the consumer at the heart of your growth strategy; use new channels and technologies to get closer to existing audiences, identify new target segments and develop the new content, channels, delivery mechanisms and operating models that will drive new revenues and fuel your future growth.

Core technology investments

Media and Entertainment companies have strategic advantages, which, if “digitalized”, are well-placed to create value in their core & eventually new businesses:

  • Distinctive Editorial Voice & Tone
  • Cross-Media Advertising
  • Ad Buyer Transparency to Improve Outcomes
  • Content Creation & Acquisitions
  • Brand Awareness, Audience Reach and Engagement

Deploy a platform-based approach to leveraging data

The rapid platform value cycle enables quick decision making.

Generate value for the business

An optimized traditional Media and Entertainment business needs to focus on driving core KPIs for enabling significant revenue uplift and cost savings.


Customer service


Enhanced operations




Per customer


Acquire & retain customers

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About the Authors

George Nazi

Senior Managing Director – Global Communications & Media Industry Lead

Shad Family

Managing Director, Lead – Media and Entertainment, North America

Gavin Mann

Accenture Media and Entertainment Lead for EALA

Raffaella Masoero

Managing Director, Lead – Media and Entertainment, Europe

Mike Chapman

Managing Director – Media & Entertainment Lead, North America


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