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Finland skills gap survey 2014: Finding the skills for Finland’s future

Understanding the gaps can help prioritize strategies.


In the new global economy, Finnish organizations that have the relevant skills — wherever and whenever they are needed — can achieve and sustain competitive advantage. But they have to move quickly to close skills gaps or risk losing business to more agile competitors. Our survey highlights four major challenges that Finnish organizations need to recognize and overcome if they are to get out in front of the looming skills crisis. These are:

  • Shortage of skills

  • Skills mismatch

  • Digital divide

  • Episodic training

Improved awareness of these issues will help organizations reevaluate their existing human resources (HR) strategies and prioritize future investments to achieve a skills advantage.

The Finland Skills Gap Survey 2014 was carried out as part of the collaboration between Accenture and the City of Helsinki Education Department in the Stadin eKampus program which aims at introducing an entrepreneurial mindset and work-life skills to high school students in the Helsinki region.

The collaboration is part of Accenture’s 25th anniversary celebrations in Finland and it is reflecting Accenture’s global Skills to Succeed program.


Click here to download the full article. Oikeat taidot Suomen  tulevaisuudelle. This opens a new window.Read the report in Finnish. [PDF, 1.85MB]


Accenture interviewed 389 high school students for the survey in different parts of Finland. Out of the respondents, 184 resided in Uusimaa and 205 in other areas in Finland. The students interviewed ranged from 16 to 22 years of age and a majority were 16-17 years old. Most were in their first or second year of high school. The data was weighted to represent the gender proportions among students. Accenture also interviewed 59 executives across Finland. Executives interviewed were either from Human Resources or from other functions. Half of the executives interviewed are from companies with revenue less than €300 million and most are from companies with 1000 to 4999 employees.


Riikka Jakovuori
Marketing & Communications lead, Accenture Finland
Antti Karjaluoto
Global Mobility and EALA Digital research lead, Accenture Research
Marko Rauhala
Healthcare and Public Service lead, Accenture Finland