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Industry X.0 – Impact

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The industrial landscape, working life and production systems are changing. The question is no longer when, but how to respond.


Technology advances have blurred the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds.

Intelligent, interconnected systems now seamlessly support activities along the entire value chain.

What does this mean? It means reduced costs and improved efficiencies. It means greater speed and scale. It means smarter products and services. It means evolving from disrupted to disruptor.

Navigating through the rapidly shifting landscape requires gauging an organization's existing capabilities, understanding the challenges and finding the right solutions. Discover how Industry X.0 is reshaping your industry.


Digital has disrupted the industry like never before, leaving incumbents vulnerable. Industrial manufacturers can no longer be content to remain fast followers, they must harness the power of emerging technologies by integrating hardware and software, as well as redefine product lifecycle management and leverage the Industrial Internet of Things.


Growth in personal communication and the Industrial Internet of Things has accelerated the connected vehicle market. Globally, in-car technology has the greatest influence on purchasing decisions. However, developing connected vehicles requires an unprecedented ecosystem of players and presents new challenges for the value chain of automotive companies and original equipment manufacturers.

Aerospace and Defense

Leading aerospace and defense companies have been using digital technologies for many years, particularly in product design and engineering. But today, there is a greater shift towards new 'as-a-service' models alongside the integration of virtual products and experiences adding complexity to the industry. A&D companies need new digital and software-driven capabilities to collaborate with external partners with real-time access while addressing a more onerous global regulatory and compliant environment.

Accenture digital in aerospace survey 2014

Accenture digital in aerospace survey 2014

The digital coming of age: seizing the digital opportunity in aerospace.


Consumer Goods

Digital is blurring the boundaries among consumers, stores and brands, adding new channels for the customer experience including virtual shopping for a personalized experience at their fingertips. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies need to address fast moving trends alongside the seasonality of products. In this segment where high regulations are applied for ingredients, labeling and packaging, flexibility across the digital ecosystem is increasingly important. To address this, CPG leaders need to leverage shared digital strategies and technologies to enable a true consumer-centric approach.

Electronics and High Tech

In an already highly competitive market, electronics and high tech companies must embrace frequent change, and incorporating digital across the enterprise is no different. Managing product development is more challenging today given that differentiating products include innovations in both hardware and software. Today's High-Tech products, appeal to consumers as much for their applications as for the capabilities of the physical device itself. This creates demand for a more integrated processes and tools to manage both software and product development using a Unified Application Lifecycle Management-Product Lifecycle Management (ALM-PLM) approach.

Life Sciences

Digital is transforming companies across the life sciences industry.. Increasing medical technologies, along with advanced methods to monitor patient's health, allow more opportunities for proactive efforts evolving the patient experience. Patients can be more informed in their decisions on diet, exercise, sleep patterns and medications all affecting their overall health and wellness. The Connected Patient is changing the doctor/patient dynamic while and evolving new business models and dramatically changing the healthcare industry.