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89% of customers use at least one digital
Only 13% find digital-physical well aligned
Your new customer
Multi-channel customers
Multi-channel customers are 15% more likely
		than digital-only customers to serve as advocates
Multi-channel customers are typically 15% more profitable than digital only customers

Customers are demanding a truly “omni-channel” experience that enables them to engage where they are in meaningful ways inclusive of human, digital and physical channels.

What is Omni-Channel, really?

A connected, consistent experience across brands, formats and devices, allowing companies to deliver on their revenue, cost and loyalty commitments.

7Ps to succeed
7Ps to succeed

With such a broad mandate, what are the critical elements that brands need to get right to succeed in providing an omni-channel experience?

Accenture believes there are seven key elements to delivering an easy and seamless experience that is purposefully created.

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The Big Read

Create continuous customer experiences
20 Min Read

Explore Accenture's perspective on how companies can realize the end-to-end business impact of creating an omni-channel experience by thinking big, starting small and looking at ways to scale at pace.

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The 100 Day Plan

The 100 Day Plan
5 Min Read

Develop a vision of your company’s desired future state customer experience and the changes needed in the end-to-end customer value chain to realize that vision.

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Explore The Series

Keep me index
20 Min Read

Explore the results of Accenture’s Keep Me Index which uncovers relevant actionable customer insights and industry trends related to brand loyalty and the omni-channel experience.

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Moments that matter
20 Min Read

Which moments matter most when impacting a customer’s level of happiness with a brand? Discover the three key discoveries emerged from Accenture’s research.

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