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New generation of network analytics

New generation network analytics can be a vital accelerator in the current era of convergence.


New generation network optimization is enabling communications service providers (CSPs) to meet the increasing demands placed on today’s converged networks. Traditional ways of modeling network traffic and billing are no longer sufficient in these disruptive times as the ability of communications service providers to plan and manage capacity, and to deliver superior customer service is challenged.

The new generation of network analytics capabilities can support better capacity planning and traffic management, as well as more effective service assurance to deliver a customer experience that retains subscribers and increases revenue.

Analytics is a significant growth opportunity for CSPs, helping them out-innovate and out-execute an ever expanding list of competitors.


The telecommunications business is facing many challenges in today constantly evolving market including:

  • Disruptive technologies
  • Declining traditional revenue streams
  • Increasing convergence

Despite these pressures, opportunities abound as broadband and mobile networks become increasingly integral to a growing number of technologies. Generating revenues by capitalizing on increasing network traffic is becoming essential for today’s communications companies. The new generation of networks analytics tools and solutions drive the new era of growth by providing the insights required to effectively monetize the value of network traffic, improve customer experience, direct investments and simplify network control and operations.


Innovations and developments in the area of new generation network analytics are driving improvements in three critical areas.

  • Network Control and Optimization Analytics: Rising network traffic means communications service providers need more robust and accurate information to realize greater business value. New generation network analytics provides in-depth insight across multiple capabilities, from forecasting to dimensioning and budgeting to planning.
  • Network Service Assurance: Providing high-quality service assurance with the recent explosion in network data services has become increasingly difficult. Not only do next-generation analytics solutions provide invaluable customer data to improve sales targeting, they also enable providers to correlate network issues to service quality and impacts.
  • Network Capacity Planning and Deployment:Network Capacity Planning and Deployment: With network investments running into the billions, having the capability to invest at the right place at the right time can prove vital. New generation network analytics provide advanced forecasting technologies that combine granular performance data with device, application and usage data for greater precision in managing network upgrades while maintaining a satisfactory quality of experience.


Jim Wheless

Jim Wheless

Senior Executive at Accenture

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Mike Gandolfo

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