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Automotive industry: What digital drivers want

The Automotive Industry Digital Survey identifies the top trends that will impact the market in the coming months.


Accenture conducted a global survey of 10,000 consumers in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, and the USA to determine their digital experiences and expectations before, during and after buying a car.

The findings highlight the growing need for automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and dealers to increase focus on online engagement. More than half of those surveyed want a number of improvements made to industry online channels to make researching for a new vehicle easier, including providing tailored information, virtual demonstrations, and comparison shopping sites.

Read the survey with global country results.


Accenture conducted the Automotive Industry Digital Survey 2015, the annual consumer survey, to identify the top trends that will impact the market in the coming months.

Digital Customers and Connected Vehicles are disrupting the Automotive Industry. So much so, that for the first time connected cars overshadowed video games at CES 2015. Connected Cars have played an important role at the Mobile World Congress 2015 too.

Global sales are increasing and the market is rejuvenating in terms of new cars sold and new interests from consumers.

The driver is now a digital customer and the challenge is to evaluate how much this will have an impact on vehicle selection.

Key Findings

The Automotive Industry Digital Survey yielded the following key findings:

  • 54 per cent want information tailored to their needs while researching a new car via online channels
  • 36 per cent already use online channels to narrow down their search for a vehicle as an initial step to the path to purchase
  • 63 per cent stated they would consider purchasing a new car in an online auction
  • Chinese, Americans and Brazilians appear to be more interested in online digital experiences compared to other countries