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Accenture Research on Finnish businesses and Organizations 2014

Every Business is a Digital Business - is mine?


It is not surprising that digital is probably the most important management theme in 2014. Industries and value chains change so rapidly due to digital technologies that no company or organization is unaffected by the revolution. The question is no longer whether organizations should do something regarding digital. The issue is much more complex – WHAT should they do?


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In the fall of 2013, Accenture interviewed more than 130 executives from the 40 largest Finnish companies and public organizations to create a better understanding of the impact of digital in different industries. We were surprised both by how important traditional industries already consider digital as well as the anticipated acceleration of change in industries where digital already plays a critical role.


Matti Kurvinen
Managing Director, operations development, Accenture Finland
Jani Kelloniemi
Managing Director, strategy consulting, Accenture Finland

Kari Kaario
Managing Director, sales, marketing and customer service development, Accenture Finland
Jesse Riekki
Senior Manager, growth and digital strategies, Accenture Finland