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2017 Digital Refining Survey

New digital technologies are not currently a top investment priority for refiners, but digital spending will increase driven by operational cost reduction.

After years of investing in core digital automation and control technologies, refiners have shifted investment priorities to other areas such as maintenance. However, as technology costs decline and mobile and internet of things (IoT) solutions become more viable, refiners must move beyond simply piloting new digital technologies into deployment at scale to see the benefits of digital.

A digital enablement plan, with a digital vision embedded in the business strategy, will allow refiners not only to realize a reduction in operating costs via accelerated and broader operational efficiencies, but also to achieve the fundamental transformation in their business that these technologies can bring.


The Journey to the Connected Refinery

  • Senior Executive Leadership icon

    Digital requires senior executive leadership and vision, underpinned by proof of concepts that quickly lead to scaled programs focused on maximizing return on investment.

  • Culture of Innovation icon

    Companies need to drive a culture of innovation and technology adoption — a parallel focus on OT & IT.

  • Investment in Human Capital icon

    Investment in human capital and development programs are needed to promote new, digital thinking and new ways of working.

  • Industrializing the Digital Foundation icon

    A methodical approach for developing and/or industrializing the digital foundation is needed, including managing the broader ecosystem of digital partners.

  • Digital Enablement Plan icon

    A comprehensive digital enablement plan should be built into business strategy to lead to digital transformation.

the Survey

This Accenture Digital Refining Research was conducted in March 2017 by PennEnergy Research in partnership with the Oil and Gas Journal on behalf of Accenture in collaboration with Solomon Associates. The research surveyed over 200 refining oil and gas professionals including engineers, mid-level and executive management, business unit heads and staff and project managers.