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Accenture @
HIMSS Europe 2018

HIMSS Europe 2018
Venue: Hotel Meliá Sitges, Joan Salvat Papasseit,
38 Barcelona – Sitges
Date: 27 - 29 May 2018

Accenture is proud to be the knowledge partner at HIMSS Europe 2018. This innovative eHealth conference brings together people from across the globe and provides unparalleled network opportunities.

This year’s focus is on building content that stimulates meaningful conversations between all the key stakeholders: a conference with less talk and more action.

The three-day event will cover areas including:

  • Digital transformation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Interoperability
  • Data into knowledge




SPEAKER Kaveh Safavi

Senior Managing Director, Health Industry

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Date: Tuesday, 29 May, 2018
Time: 9:00am

Intelligent technologies show potential to take on elements of care that might seem impossible to automate and make healthcare more personalized. Based on five-years of insights from Accenture’s multi-country consumer research, Dr. Kaveh Safavi will focus on the various technology developments that are converging for consumers’ advantage, ranging from automation and artificial intelligence to virtual health and other location-agnostic services. Providers will receive invaluable tips for dealing with the practicalities of these emerging models and offering the digitally-driven, bespoke services that today’s consumers expect.


Accenture’s presence at HIMSS will include four market-relevant interactive digital health demos. Visit the Catalunya room during the breaks and experience our Alexa for the elderly, Savana AI, Blockchain and Medical Researcher Ecosystem demos first hand. Our experts will be there to talk you through the demonstration and answer any questions.

The Accenture Health Analytics Platform combines several market-leading technologies to meet the technical requirements for a very complex challenge: secure integration of structured and unstructured healthcare data from disparate databases for research purposes. While the proof-of-concept is based on limited, generic data sets, it features secure access control at data entry points to the system. The demo will show Accenture’s understanding of the problem, and propose an industrialised, repeatable and scalable solution.
This demo is of a pilot programme that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and the ease of voice to help older people manage the daunting challenges of navigating their care delivery and well-being. The Accenture, AI-powered platform, that can learn user behaviours and preferences, suggest activities to support the overall physical and mental health of aged individuals, includes a ‘Family and Carer’ portal that lets family and caregivers check on the individual’s daily activities, such as whether they have taken their medication or made new requests for caregivers. The Accenture platform can also spot abnormalities in behaviour and alert family or friends, based on user defined permissions. Join us to see all this in person and discuss the possibilities for your organisation.
While evidence-based medicine has proven benefits in terms of health outcomes and process efficiency, adoption among clinicians is still quite low. Thousands of clinical pathways and protocols (mainly available on pdf or even paper) are difficult to remember and apply. Join us for a demonstration of how Accenture, teaming with start-up Savana, has developed a proactive, real-time, non-intrusive clinical decision support system which leverages clinical natural language processing, big data and machine learning algorithms. Savana AI provides clinicians with medical evidence advice and additional relevant information with the clinical context of the patient.
This proof-of-concept demo combines information from a user’s wearable devices with a pre-defined smart contract, and a healthcare coach, to provide insights on the user’s activities and modify behaviours to manage health proactively. Using blockchain to enable medical data to be shared securely and anonymously, users can subscribe to personalised health programmes. Activity data from different devices like heart monitors orpedometers, are collected and stored, and coaches apply defined conditions and rules to make recommendations to users. Coaches can adjust the programmes according to users' needs and progress – but don’t just read about it, witness the system for yourself and ask our experts detailed questions at HIMSS.

If you are interested in attending a demo session, please email Lucia with your name and the demo you would like to attend.