Ville-Mikko Kanerva

Managing Director, Operations

Joined Accenture in 2009

About Ville-Mikko:
Ville-Mikko is passionate about technology and what it enables. He views everything through the eyes of an architect and a strategist: How everything is structured, how it works—and how it can be made to work even better. During his career, Ville-Mikko has consulted IT and business leaders across industries in strategic technology and IT topics, defining and executing large-scale transformations. He has spent most of his career with technology strategy and enterprise architecture, but in recent years his focus has shifted into Cloud and IT infrastructures, driven by the profound transfer away from legacy technologies and business models towards public cloud services.

Ville-Mikko holds a Master of Science degree in Telecommunications Management and IT from Helsinki University of Technology.

What’s on the horizon:
Rotating into the new. Entire industries are being fundamentally changed by digitalization enabled by Cloud, resulting in new business models, innovation and technical advances. Traditional IT providers are struggling with their core businesses. True Cloud providers, like Accenture, who build on the new foundation will be successful in innovating with their clients and prosper with them.

Automation will continue to drive up productivity—crucial to us in Europe with our aging populations—both in business processes execution with robotics, as well as in IT, with agile DevOps practices and tools in the cloud.

I am excited to be leading a business that combines the innovative foundation from cloud, strong consulting and transformation capabilities to help our clients rotate to the new, and unmatched capability to operate our clients’ business processes, cloud applications and digital infrastructure. There’s nowhere else more exciting to work than at Accenture, with analyst-recognized cloud leader capabilities and partnerships with SAP, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and many others.

Ville-Mikko Kanerva

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