Silja Jalovaara

Managing Director, Technology

Joined Accenture in 1995

About Silja:
Silja leads today Accenture Technology in Finland
the powerhouse that provides Application Services for clients. During her 20 years at Accenture, Silja has worked for various clients in Germany, Switzerland, the USA and Finland. Her client experience ranges from industrial companies to defense and life sciences. Silja is experienced in leading business application implementations and change journey at client organizations through enabling new IT solutions. Her specialization is on SAP technologies, specifically on the introduction of cloud based software solutions in hybrid architectures. Silja’s extensive practical experience is supported by her engineering background and degrees in applied mathematics, operations research, and industrial management. Leading diverse teams in cross-cultural settings is close to her heart.

What’s on the horizon:
I am enthusiastic about the ongoing transformation into New IT. With the vast amount of opportunities that digitalization provides, clients have huge business potential by being fast movers and disrupters of current models. Intellectual curiosity and constant learning are required. At the same time, this places high demands on organizations in terms of speed of change and ability to successfully take and manage risks. One of my favorite quotes is: “An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises” (Mae West). A rapid and agile delivery of new capabilities “ounce by ounce” is the road to future.

Silja Jalovaara

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