Reeta Kaukiainen

Marketing & Communications Lead

Joined Accenture in January 2016

About Reeta
Reeta joined Accenture in 2016 as country lead for Marketing & Communications. During her career, Reeta has worked in a number of industries including oil & gas, electronics manufacturing, IT services and the forest industry in various expert and leadership roles. Her professional background covers the whole spectrum of corporate communications including financial communications, investor relations, corporate identity, brand management, digital communications and PR.

Reeta holds a master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Helsinki.

What’s on the horizon:
In today’s 24/7, on-line world, the role of marketing and communications gains more and more importance all the time. The speed with which news, data and information are being created and shared, means that companies need to stay alert and be part of the ongoing dialogue in various channels and networks. Digitalization and social media offer huge possibilities for companies and individuals to sell their products, services, and ideas. Companies who are able harness the power of their own employees and leadership in this journey, will benefit the most.

Reeta Kaukiainen

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