Anu Tuomolin

HR Director

Joined Accenture in 2006

About Anu:
Anu graduated from Hanken School of Economics in 2000. Prior to her role in Human Resources, she gained ten years of management consulting experience of which four years abroad. Anu is a strong executor with a good analytical business grasp and has proven track record of leading and motivating people and building high performance teams. She is curious about organizational culture and its impact on employee engagement and leadership development through new methods and next generation HR.

What’s on the horizon:
The area of Human Resources is evolving and professional services companies like Accenture need to be able to follow that evolution. We need to be able to offer even more personalized career experiences to our employees. Culture, values and leadership play a significant role when choosing employment. Our Talent Ambition 2020 is to be the best place for the most highly specialized talent on the planet. Human Resources is the key player in creating the environment of being the employer of choice.

Anu Tuomolin

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