SAS Analytics Alliance

Our cross-industry alliance in advanced analytics helps clients anticipate disruptive market events and improve business performance.


Working together, Accenture and SAS enable organizations to use the power of analytics to seize growth opportunities, get precise answers to complex problems, and speed innovation and decision making.

Hundreds of companies have benefited from Accenture’s business analytics solutions, powered by SAS’ pioneering analytics. Organizations are encouraged to visit Accenture Innovation Centers worldwide to see demonstrations of SAS® Analytics in real-world scenarios. Accenture and SAS solution architects collaborate to ensure alignment and support client needs.

Our strategic alliance helps clients in all industries including financial services, high tech and the public sector anticipate disruptive market and operational events, and improve business performance at lower cost.

The Accenture and SAS Alliance focuses on cross-industry solutions such as enterprise analytics and customer acquisition and retention, as well as industry analytics solutions including:

  • Financial services: Compliance and risk management (credit risk, anti-money laundering, IFRS9, and FRTB), fraud reduction (insurance claims and online banking), data governance (data management and data quality) and profitability management

  • Communications, media and technology: Customer intelligence/viewership analytics, network analytics, and profitability management

  • Health and public service: Compliance and tax collection, fraud reduction and benefits program eligibility management (food stamps and workers’ compensation)

  • Products and resources: Manufacturing enablement and demand-driven product optimization

SAS is a leader in analytics. Through innovative analytics, business intelligence and data management software and services, SAS helps customers at more than 80,000 sites make better decisions faster. Since 1976, SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW®

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Why The Alliance

Accenture and SAS combine their independent market-leading skills to jointly develop offerings that enable businesses and government entities to significantly improve their decision processes for better, more accurate business outcomes.

  • Accenture offers market leadership in consulting, technology and outsourcing—delivered anywhere around the globe at scale.

  • Accenture provides a comprehensive portfolio of more than 100 industry, cross-industry and function-specific analytical offerings. More than 200 assets include standards and industry-leading practices, automated development tools and reusable architecture components.

  • The Accenture Global Delivery Network facilitates the industrialization of solutions through automation, the reuse of solutions and continuous improvement from more than 50 centers around the world.

  • SAS offers an integrated suite of analytics software unmatched in the industry, delivered in a single environment.

  • SAS software is interoperable—open without limitation to specific hardware and operating systems—to minimize client expenditures.