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Generali, one of the world’s largest insurance groups, aims to grow its business in Asia over the next three to five years. To do so, it needs to transform its business and technology capabilities. With our proven insurance industry-specific approach and our highly experienced team, we assessed Generali’s core system and involved technology stakeholders to identify key areas of improvement.

In particular, Generali seeks to improve its end-to-end insurance customer experience, strengthen collaboration with its current distribution channels while enabling expansion to new channels, accelerate time-to-market for innovating products, and achieve greater efficiency in operations via automation and straight-through processes. The insurer was keen to assess its systems, understand where challenges may be and then define a roadmap to strengthen the core systems’ capabilities to meet its targets.

Accenture is Selected as Generali Asia’s Consultancy Partner

Generali and Accenture jointly defined the vision for innovation and evaluated various solution options for new technology capabilities. See more.

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Strategy and Solution

We partnered with Generali to assess its core insurance systems and key peripheral systems landscape across seven Asian countries over a three-month period. To achieve this, we employed our proven High Performance Insurance Architecture and Accenture Insurance Capability Assessment Tool. We also carried out interviews with regional and country stakeholders and conducted research to identify key areas for improvement.

A design-thinking approach was applied to define a roadmap forward. We gathered over 30 Generali Asia leaders at the Accenture Digital Studio for an immersive, hands-on workshop, exploring emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, evaluating opportunities for their use as solutions. Together, we formed this roadmap for technology that aligned the insurer’s different requirements and investment priorities with its vision and desired business outcomes.

"Throughout the engagement Accenture has demonstrated not just commitment to the project but also extensive engagement with the stakeholders at both regional and the country level and finding innovative ways of bringing everyone together..."

— Dipak Sahoo, Regional Head of IT – Generali Asia


Through our work together, Generali has a clearly-defined picture of the key improvements and investments it needs for its core insurance systems. This includes clarity regarding key components needed for its target system architecture. This work informs the direction and key workstreams for the core system improvements that will help Generali achieve its business goals in Asia.


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