Michael G.


Michael G.





Area of Interest

Operations Careers

Career Area

Program, Project & Service Mgmt


M.Sc. Helsinki University of Technology

What I Do

I am a Manager in the Operations group in Accenture Strategy. I work mainly within the supply chain management area, with special focus on sourcing and procurement. I have experience from transformational programs and consulting projects in strategy development, ranging from operating model development and organizational design to executing strategic sourcing and capability improvement initiatives. I have worked across multiple industry sectors with some of the leading companies in the Nordics.

Day In My Life
I start the day at the client’s site with a meeting with the client’s project manager. We go through the timeline of the project, discuss progress and identify areas where more research and analysis is needed. We agree on the detailed plan forward and schedule follow-up interviews with stakeholders. After lunch I get back to our office, review the updated plan with the two consultants in my team and start to work on my presentation for the upcoming steering group meeting later this week. When I’m finished I head for the Accenture gym downstairs before leaving home for dinner.

Outside the Office

I love skiing. Every winter I try to spend at least one week in the Alps looking for deep snow in the backcountry. In the summer, when I am not boating or relaxing in the archipelago, you can find me doing different kind of sports everything from kite surfing to golf. All year round I like hanging around with friends and family, enjoying good food and wine.

My Advice
Accenture is a large firm with lots of possibilities for people with different backgrounds. The one thing I think differentiates Accenture from its competition is our capabilities to support our clients throughout the journey from strategy development to implementing and operating new solutions. You should carefully consider what you want from your career and decide which areas are most interesting to you. You may want to become a generalist working across different disciplines or specialize early on and gain deep knowledge in one specific topic.