Juha-Pekka J.

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Juha-Pekka J.


Manager, Technology Strategy



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Helsinki School of Economics and Univ. of Helsinki

What I Do

I work as a strategy consultant in the Technology Strategy practice within Accenture Strategy. Technology Strategy helps top management to achieve greater business value from IT. Our projects vary from full-scale IT strategy engagements, where we assess the whole IT landscape and operations and make proposals for improvement, to analyzing and improving specific areas like the organization, operating model, and IT services.

Day In My Life
To kick-off my day I put the radio on and enjoy my first cup of coffee and breakfast while reading the newspaper – a routine that I do every morning to avoid rushing.

I have my first meeting at 9:00 at the client’s head office where we go through the status of the project and set the direction for the coming week. In the meeting, the client asks me to look deeper into IT infrastructure related matters. Since I am not an expert in this area, I make a couple of phone calls to find out who are the most suitable specialists and book a meeting with them. Luckily I don’t have to be an expert in everything and I can rely on other people’s help from Finland and around the world. In the afternoon I meet with clients to build a deeper understanding of their IT operations. I spend the rest of the day analyzing findings and documenting them using every consultant’s best friend: PowerPoint. Anyway, I like this part of the work since you have to come up with a structured way of presenting your findings to the client.

I spend a couple of hours creating slides and notice it is almost six o‘clock – doors lock at the client site then. On the way home, I list the things that I have to do next day and decide to go jogging since it is a beautiful weather outside.

Outside the Office

Outside work, I enjoy playing football, jogging, sweating at the gym and snowboarding during the winter time. During the summer I like to spend sunny and windy days sailing in the Gulf of Finland. Besides sports-related hobbies, I enjoy going to the theater, concerts and movies—even opera isn’t out of the question.

My Advice
If you enjoy working in an international environment in a company that has proven four times to be the Best Place to Work, I encourage you to send your application. I’ve enjoyed working here and I’m sure you will too!