Sometimes a career change can be characterized as nothing less than an epiphany; such is the case for Janne-Jukka Kojo.

"Working as a nurse I got tired of using pen and paper, and saw things could be done so much more efficiently using modern technology. I felt that there was something I could contribute to." Having the courage of his convictions, Janne-Jukka first sent his CV to Accenture in 2014. At the time there were no open job opportunities, but he didn’t let that discourage him. He applied to Accenture again in 2016, and this time his persistence paid off: a healthcare technology project was just about to begin and so Janne-Jukka started his career at Accenture as a Healthcare Technology Consultant.

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Photo: Tom Brunberg

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Today, Janne-Jukka considers himself an ambassador of healthcare technology.

"My background as a healthcare professional makes it easier to speak our clients’ language and to understand their challenges and demands. This is extremely helpful in projects that require planning new ways of working. I suppose I could be considered a kind of ambassador, working as an intermediary between our customers and system providers, ensuring everyone remains focused on the right things."

Janne-Jukka speculates on whether his background as a radio host and DJ might have added some spice and created a little more interest in his job application. Whether it did or not, Janne-Jukka has maintained his connections with London-based Point-Blank FM, the longest-running underground and house music station in the UK, as well as DoubleClap Radio in Finland. He also continues to do the occasional DJ gig. How do these very different roles mix?


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“The best thing about being a consultant and radio DJ is that both roles deliver positive benefits to people. As a consultant I am helping improve healthcare, and as a DJ I get people dancing, smiling, and laughing.”

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In the future, Janne-Jukka hopes that he stays healthy and can continue working with people, for people. “I hope that I could keep on seeing the products I have worked with being used by citizens in their everyday life. For me, that is truly awarding.”

Get to Know Janne-Jukka (‘JJ’) Kojo:

  • An important part of JJ’s free time is going for a walk with his dog, Helmi, who is a fluffy little Coton de Tuléar.
  • JJ says that gold or a bright neon orange would describe his job perfectly. Why? Because it’s not a dull grey, it is something really valuable and visible to everyone.
  • If JJ were a book, he would be the Kalevala, because it detailed the creation of the Sampo.
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