Bárbara Rebolledo´s professional life has been a life of searching and finding, a life of bold moves and paths that traverse intriguing new landscapes.   

 Sanni Eronen

Barbara initially began to study design in her native Chile, but later opted to study film.   

“I even appeared in a couple of films, one of which was quite famous actually! I sucked at acting but I guess that’s a fun fact about me that not everyone knows,” she laughs.  

Despite her accomplishments on the silver screen, she later returned to design in search of her true calling and to find her true creative voice.  

“I started making lighting installations through mapping and technology.”   

After living the artistic life, Bárbara began to look for opportunities to steer her life in a new direction. In 2012, she took the bold decision to relocate to Finland to study for a master’s degree in new media at Aalto University.  

After graduating Bárbara did an internship in San Francisco, during which she realized that she was missing home, but home wasn't Chile, home was Finland. “Of course, Chile will always feel like home in a way, but right now, Finland is my home. “  

“I would say that it was one of the most significant turning points in my career.”   

Soon after graduating, she landed an internship at the Helsinki-based design and innovation consultancy company Fjord, nowadays Accenture Song, where she worked as a service designer with various brands and technologies. 

“It was a rational step to go into service design. It combined all the things I already knew but could not put together before.”  

Bárbara recalls applying for an internship at Fjord with the feeling of still having “zero experience”.    

“The reason I got the internship was probably due to advice from a guy I met before applying. He used to work here and made me believe I have a good story. He taught me that every experience is relevant: we are the sum of all of our experiences, and we just need to understand what connects all of this past experience.”   

Today, at Accenture Song, Bárbara works as Creative Director. Being able to work with design systems is the factor that motivates Bárbara most of all. She continues: “Another motivating factor is the people I work with; I love working with different kinds of people and creating nice dynamics between the team members. Sometimes difficult yet motivating projects can connect people.”  

“A lot of what I do has to do with different processes and managing stakeholders. I could say my line of work is like an abstract painting; it has many colors.”    


Having toured three continents, today, Bárbara calls Finland home. Yet there is still one thing she needs time to adapt to.   

“During winter I always try to find a project somewhere in a warm country so I can escape the cold. So far I have succeeded in this quite well!“  

Get to know Bárbara Rebolledo: 

  • Bárbara actively donates to animal shelters. She thinks about how to improve her life and make more of an impact in the world.  She also enjoys photography and further improving her work-life balance. 
  • She loves to try different vegetarian foods and frequently tries out new dishes. While travelling, the first thing she does is check out the restaurants in the area. 
  • Bárbara has a dog, so during her free time she enjoys taking him out on walks in the forest and parks. He is part of her free time, so she enjoys being outdoors quite a lot. She doesn't plan too far ahead; sometimes she goes to exhibitions, sometimes she just chills at home and cooks or watches a movie.  

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