January 14, 2016
Holiday in Kerala
By: Kalle

My name is Kalle, the fourth and final member of our IYP group. I started working at Accenture in June 2015 as a summer intern and when I was offered a chance to continue my employment in India I couldn’t say no. During my stay in India I am working with Liisa on a finance sector client project.

In my first blog post I am happy to write about our Christmas holidays. We only got three vacation days for Christmas but combining them with two floating holidays (a thing in India), two public holidays (Christmas and New Year’s) and two weekends we had a total 11 days out of office. Oh Yeah!
Anna decided to use her time visiting her family in Finland while me, Jonatan and Liisa decided to explore Kerala, one of the southern states of India.

After spending Christmas in Kochi our journey continued to a hill station called Munnar. Munnar is located 100km east from Kochi and it is known for its high altitude from 2000m to 2600m, beautiful jungle landscapes and tea plantations. They were more exciting than they sound. Go ask Lisa.

After our jungle adventure we headed back to the west coast and continued the shoreline south to Alleppey, which is known as the waterfront of over 1500 houseboats. As a self-indulgent Western tourists we unsurprisingly decided to stay a night in one. Even though we had not made any reservations and it was a peak season, we managed to get a houseboat with two bedrooms, a captain, and a chef. The 21 hour cruise in the backwater would have been a quite nice experience if the AC hadn’t broke down during the night.

After the sleepless night our journey continued towards our final destination Varkala beach. The beach was wonderful and not too crowded. We even managed to get surfing lessons from a local surf guru.

Since we had only travelled by car we decided to take a train back to Kochi from where we flew back to Pune. As described in previous blog posts the traffic is crazy and the roads are not in a great condition. For example our trip from Munnar to Alleppey (170km) lasted approximately 5 hours. This sounds tedious but as we got to experience the Indian way of driving in the traffic, we were kept alarmed during the whole trip.

Overall our vacation was really successful. Now we are back in Pune working hard and eagerly waiting for our next opportunity to explore more of India.

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